How to excel in selling web design solutions

In 2019, it has become more and more difficult to go about selling web design solutions because there are so many free and do-it-yourself (DIY) web builder tools out there in the market that is gaining popularity. With Wix, Squarespace, and even Shopify emerging, it will be a challenge asking someone to engage in a professional company offering web design services.

In this article we will discuss a few of the strategies that one can employ whenever one is faced with these challenges.

Just send me an email

This is one of the common ways that a potential buyer will say no a salesman over the phone or even in a face to face encounter. Your potential buyer would not even allow you to pitch to him or her and more often than not one of the polite way of saying I am not interested is by saying: “why don’t you send me an email and if I am interested I’ll reply you”. One way to tackle this other than communicating certain promotional packages, is by showing the potential customer that you are not here to steal their time but rather to bring value to their business. Go straight for the benefits of getting a professional to design a website for them and explain it to them quickly. Once you are able to catch their attention with your proposition or to demonstrate that there is a problem that one does not think of and you can solve it, this is the time when you can introduce them to your pitch.

“I don’t need a website now”

There are still a few that would say that they have already have a social media page that is able to manage their customers’ enquiries and it enables them to already get a consistent number of leads. This is where you introduce the unique features of a website and how everyone can have a Facebook page but not a proper functioning unique website. Besides, there are plenty of advantages of having a website over just having a social media page.

“I already have a basic website“

If you are pitching to a client that has an existing website and you see the need for the client to revamp the website, the first thing that you should communicate shouldn’t just be about the benefits of engaging your company, but you should be addressing the need for a website revamp and highlighting what the potential client is currently missing out on, whether it is a converting web page to drive more leads or that the website needs to have more proper call to action buttons or even enticing content or visual elements. Address what is lacking right away and then proceed to communicate the benefits of having your company to do up their website for them.

“I can build a website on my own”

If you client insists that they can build their own website on their own, do not dismiss that but inform them of the benefits of getting someone who is specialized in their field to do the work for them instead. Emphasize on the extra benefits that a web design team can bring value to, for instance a proper web design team can take care of your hosting and security needs, and even create a unique bespoke design! Moreover, engaging a professional will allow one to save on time! A team is definitely more efficient than a single designer.

“This is too expensive”

Lastly, if your client tries to bargain on pricing, what you want to avoid is to take the shortcut and give the client a discount just to meet the client’s budget. Start to communicate and help your client understand the value that you are bringing to the table and why that demands a price. Once they can understand that, they would see the reason for a higher pricing.

At the end of the day, a salesperson has to come prepared for all the common objectives and difficult questions. Once one is able to address the client’s needs and concerns, the chances of closing the deal would be higher.