Characteristics of a Great Web Designer

Choosing a Web Designer is an investment in your business!

Hiring the wrong Firm or Designer can cost you lots of time and money in the long run. When interviewing a Web Designer, keep a look out for the following characteristics:

  1. Great Listeners – The ability to listen and understand what your needs is a core requirement. There is no making up for any deficiency in this category. Great designers are able to figure out what you’re talking about even if you aren’t quite clear on your own needs. They ask questions and repeat back what they believe you are saying in their own words to validate their assumptions.
  2. Respect for your ideas – Your ideas should always be welcome. Great designers will encourage you to share your ideas.  They will always try to find a way to integrate your ideas into the design. If the idea is not feasible, they will explain why in simple terms. You should never feel as if your designer is talking down to you.
  3. Good Communicators – Great web designers are able to explain web terminology and technologies in simple terms.  If they aren’t able to communicate complex terms and concepts to you, how can you trust them to design a site that will communicate your company message?
  4. Well Versed in Internet and web technologies – Great web designers are very knowledge and proficient about web technologies and web design tools. A key indication of a web designer who remains current and proficient is one who participates in webinars, seminars, and online groups. Formal training is a basic ingredient, but continuously upgrading skills is key.
  5. Use technology to get results – Knowledge and proficiency in the latest technology is only half the story. Each project has its own unique challenges. It’s important to know what technologies and methods to use to get to your desired results.
  6. Equally balanced between business and design goals – Beautiful sites don’t guarantee online success. Your website project is NOT your web designer’s billboard – it’s your business! If it doesn’t showcase your products and services and drive results, it’s useless. Attracting qualified visitors and driving leads is the ultimate goal, not winning a beauty contest.
  7. Quick to suggest cost savings measures – You want work with someone who is cautious about spending both your time and money. Often, there is more than one way to achieve a specific design result. Great designers offer alternatives suited to your situation.
  8. Cohesive, visually pleasing design aesthetic – Your designer should have a history of building beautiful looking designs. The sites they build should be attractive and easy to navigate.
  9. Able to integrate your existing look – Most businesses already have printed marketing material. Great designers can integrate your existing look and feel into your website. Even if you use a different designer for your printed materials, a great designer will develop your site so it looks like all your marketing was produced by one firm.
  10. Organized and clear development process – Great designers have produced many sites and have developed a process that they have continuously refined over time. They can see the pitfalls and take steps to avoid them. They can give you a good estimate of time to build your site.  Their development process should be well documented and available for you to review.

Your company website may be the most important tool you have for promoting your company and making sales. Even if your website is not an e-commerce site, it is important that it is engaging and easy for visitors to use.

Choosing a Web Designer is an investment in your business and these characteristics should help in your selection of the right one.