Sports industry trend in 2021: live streaming

Experts are actively analyzing streaming services to understand the main trends of 2021. According to a large amount of research, users often stop watching TV broadcasts in favour of online live streaming. And the reason is not that the quality of the broadcasts has become worse, for example. Analysts cite the following reasons:

  • You can watch sports matches without being tied to live broadcasts. Today’s rhythm of life forces users to correctly allocate time. If the competition can be watched in the recording, then it attracts the audience.
  • Multiplatform. Users can watch the match using a smartphone, personal computer or Smart TV.
  • Personalized content. People can only watch those sporting events that they are interested in.

If we talk about the age of users, then the largest percentage of visits falls on the audience aged 25-35 years.

BETER: live streaming and 6 the most popular sports & esports disciplines

The brand BETER is positioned as a leading provider of sports and esports content.¬† The company provides an opportunity for the audience to watch their favourite sports and esports events online. In addition, if a potential user is interested in the odds for popular games (Dota 2, CS GO, LOL, Valorant, Rainbow Six, King of Glory, Rocket League, PUBG, Call of Duty and many others), so most of these opportunities come from the brand’s team.

BETER powers 6 different sports and esports disciplines of the Setka Cup and ESports Battle and provides  live streaming, live data and odds for these tournaments. There are 22,000 events monthly.

Experts note that sports streaming is content that allows the audience to engage in interaction with social networks. Therefore, cooperation between social networks and streaming is a mutually beneficial story.  BETER reached its audience on social media in the right way due to interesting and regularly updated content.