4 Tips to Get on Page One with Georgia SEO

You probably know that search engines, and especially Google has a policy of displaying search results to only 10 per page. The statistics show that those web sites who are not on page 1 in the search results are getting none of the traffic. Okay, almost none.

The stats show that the total traffic in the first 10 results is 95%. The rest is down to 5%. If you type in almost anything in the bar, you’ll see that millions of results are available but people still choose to visit those on page 1.

There’s a saying that goes – If you want to hide something for no one to find it, bury it on page 2 at Google, no one goes there. See more on this here.

If you’re a marketer, this tells you exactly why it is so important to get your web site optimized as better as possible. If you can’t reach page 1, you didn’t do anything. In this article, we’re going to share 4 tips with you about how to do a perfect SEO for managing this. Read on and learn more about this topic.

What is SEO?

First, let’s see what this means. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is an industry that makes web sites better. It makes them optimized for search engine bots to recognize their importance in a certain field. If the site is made for clothes in Georgia, whenever someone searches for clothes, the SEO will make the company’s site pop up first in the result section.

Still, this is not an easy job. It’s whole science and experts in this field are highly paid to do it. Their perfect job will make tons of profits for the client. Here are the 4 most important tips. Follow up and learn more!

1. Make the page lose weight

The first and most important issue when it comes to making the website visible and relevant to the bots is the overall information weight. What does this mean? It means that every site is made of lots of data. Text, pictures, videos, plugins, and lots of other stuff.

All these are making it load slower. If you upload it with just a few sentences and nothing else, it will load in less than a second. However, there will be no use of something like this.

Ever additional picture, link, plugin, add weight to it and makes it slower for loading. This is not just preventing bots to see it as acceptable for the search engine, but it annoys the visitors too. The average time a site loads is around 11 seconds, while people expect it to load in no more than 3. See the gap?

2. Take care of the location adjusting

One of the latest updates from Google is that the search engine is now paying a lot more attention to the location of both visitors and companies. To gain relevance in many cases, the optimization must include the location of the business.

This can be done by implementing plugins that will show the bots that the company is located somewhere. Let’s say it’s Atlanta. It’s important to clearly show where you’re located so the people can see where the company is located. If this is done properly, the results will show this company’s website first.

For the sake of the argument, let’s say this is a company selling clothes in Atlanta in a neighborhood of 100.000 people. This is a great number from growing a successful business. Anyone of those who will search for clothes in the area will be addressed to this store as the SEO of the local agency’s work –georgiaseoexplosion.com, again for example, was flawless. Everyone else will need to wait for other customers who are not using the internet to search.

3. Don’t forget the importance of the blog

Content is king – have you ever heard this one? There’s no better way to make your site relevant than proving you know what you’re doing with your company.

The blog is an excellent way to fill it up with content that will be relevant for the industry your company is a part of, but at the same time, to fill it up with keywords that are relevant for your clients. When someone searches for a certain thing connected to your business, the engine will show your page as the most relevant for this.

Let’s go with the Atlanta clothes store again. Let’s say this company owns a blog and in it, there is news from the industry, opinions from important people, and other stuff. All these blog articles can be SEO optimized which will help the search engine understand that this is a webpage that knows what is doing and is relevant for the people searching for clothes.

4. Handle the tiny bits

You can perfectly do all of the above, follow the trends and always be a step ahead of the competition. Still, you need to follow the basics and not let these things slip in the quest for more and better solutions.

These basics mean checking and changing all the little things like the metadata, title, and everything else that used to be important since 2000. Some people say that these are not important issues anymore and you can ignore them, but examples showed that this is not true.

Keep these things clean and sharp. They might not change the game too much, but it can make a difference from putting you on position #1 or position #2. The CTR difference between these two is around 25%.


These 4 most important issues in the CEO world right now must be respected. There’s a ton of other issues that also require your attention, but they come in second place. Make the basics strong enough and you’ll see results very soon.

If the competition is strong, then doing other things will also be needed. After 2-3 months, results will show up.