MilesWeb Review – Reasonable cPanel Hosting Plans

Are you searching for the best web hosting service provider to get your business on the online platform?

We all know how tedious it is to find a highly reliable web hosting company among the numerous options available. Web hosting is an essential aspect that contributes to the online success of your business.

Choosing the right web hosting provider for your website is a vital decision you have to take.

Nonetheless, before selecting the web hosting company, first, you need to decide which type of hosting service you should choose. There are different types of hosting services, such as shared hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, cPanel.

Among the numerous hosting types, cPanel hosting is highly popular among web professionals. MilesWeb is a popular web hosting provider that offers low cost web hosting services with a great support.

In this article, I will brief you about their cPanel hosting. Before we begin with the detailed review, let us learn about cPanel hosting.

cPanel Hosting 

A control panel that effectively manages your Linux-based hosting service is known as cPanel hosting. One of the main advantages of cPanel hosting is, you can manage your complete hosting account without any technical skills.

The basic administration and email management tasks take place with the cPanel. Most web professionals prefer cPanel hosting, as it has a user-friendly interface. With cPanel, you can create email accounts, reset passwords, set up email forwarders, etc.

The other features of cPanel hosting include domain name parking that allows you to redirect one domain name to another domain name. Or you can also host multiple domain names under one hosting account.

Thus, cPanel hosting is a very intuitive way to get started with your business online, as it comes with many features.

MilesWeb’s cPanel Web Hosting Plans 

MilesWeb has three cPanel web hosting plans, Intern, Master and Expert.

  • Intern plan is best for beginners and personal websites.
  • Master plan is ideal for small and midsize businesses.
  • Expert plan is perfect for hosting small and medium websites.

From the above web hosting plan, you can choose the one that matches the requirements of your website/application. With the Master and Expert cPanel hosting plans, you get a free .com domain. The domain name will be free for the 1st year and, from the 2nd year, renewal charges will be applicable.

The main difference between Master and Expert plans:

With the Master plan, you get to host one website and, the Expert plan allows you to host unlimited websites. Currently, the Expert plan of cPanel hosting is the best-selling. You can also buy and renew the plan at the sign-up cost.

Their basic plan of cPanel hosting costs $1.40 per month on a three-year subscription. And the Expert plan costs $5.20 per month on a three-year subscription.

Currently, MilesWeb is running a Black Friday deal where you get spectacular discounts on web hosting. With the cPanel hosting plans, you can save 60%.

Do I Need to Have Technical Knowledge to Get Started? 

It’s okay if you don’t have much technical knowledge before starting with the cPanel hosting. They take care of your server management. You get 24×7 support from their expert team. Reach out to them for any of your questions and queries. They are ready to help you and give you the most appropriate solution.

What Features Do I Get with cPanel Hosting? 

With the cPanel hosting, you get the below features.

Superfast SSD Storage Drives 

You get the best page loading speed to your websites with MilesWeb’s 100% SSD storage disks. Website data is on powerful SSD drives. You get a 20x faster page loading speed of your website with SSD storage drives.

Get an SSL Certificate for Free 

With an SSL certificate, a higher level of security adds up to your website. Data going to and from your website gets encrypted with 4096-bit encryption. It decreases the risks of data getting exposed to attackers. MilesWeb includes a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with its web hosting plans. Also, the SEO rankings improve with an SSL certificate on your website.

1-Click Installer 

Through the Softaculous one-click installer, you can install applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento with ease. You need to specify the details of the server and, their server will take care of the rest.

Built-in Page Caching         

Caching is a tool that generally speeds up the performance of your website. Your web pages will load faster with APC, xCache and OpCache on MilesWeb’s server.

Free Website Builder Tool 

Instead of hiring a web developer, you can create a website with the website builder tool. You can create your own free website with MilesWeb’s free website builder tool. You don’t need to learn any programming or coding. Choose the template from the themes, put all your content and images, and publish your website.

Latest Versions of PHP & MySQL 

You get a stable more secure environment for your website.

On MilesWeb’s cPanel hosting servers, the latest and most stable versions of PHP and MySQL databases are installed.

Control Panel 

To manage your hosting account, you get a control panel for free. With cPanel, you get an organized layout that ensures everything is in a perfect position. It gives tools to manage your website, emails, databases, domains and sub-domains.

Is MilesWeb the Right Option? 

After knowing a brief about their cPanel hosting service, you must have got a clear idea of the features they offer at such low-cost prices