MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting Review – Improve Website Performance

Whether you want to enhance website performance or expand the business, dedicated hosting is the right solution.

Like the name says, ‘dedicated’, dedicated hosting provides commitment towards your website and helps increase the growth of the business. The hosting you are using currently may be affecting or limiting the growth. With dedicated hosting, you can better the site.

Let’s say you are using shared hosting, and your website has grown into a heavy website. Do you think shared hosting is capable enough to handle this much traffic? It limits the website in terms of performance and speed. Plus, the chances of security risks get high.

On the other hand, dedicated hosting is progressive hosting. It is stronger and also offers private space. If you are currently using VPS, you know it provides a virtual server. So with dedicated hosting, you will own a physical server. Plus, you will receive a higher amount of resources.

If a dedicated server is an entire ice cream box, VPS is a scoop of it. You eat the scoop you get, but not the whole ice cream.

So when you opt for a dedicated server, you enjoy the complete physically isolated environment. Dedicated hosting gives you more than other hosting services. All features and resources are much beneficial.

Businesses need continuous work to get bigger. Similarly, business websites need better hosting to grow huge on the internet. Most sales are generated online nowadays. It is nowhere the time consumers visited local shops as now they can save time.

If your traffic is high and is affected due to hosting, it is time you switch.

As dedicated servers are expensive, you can get an inexpensive one from MilesWeb. MilesWeb has been a hosting company for 9years. They offer quality and affordable hosting services, including dedicated hosting.

Who Should Opt for Dedicated Hosting?

That is a good question!

It is obvious that your website should have a requirement of such a powerful hosting. If you are a beginner, dedicated hosting will not provide value. It is a whole big server with 100% dedicated resources, and you will waste the resources if you go for it.

For beginners, shared hosting will work fine. It will fit the budget, but dedicated hosting will get expensive.

So, who should buy dedicated servers? Well, websites that receive continuous heavy traffic must switch to dedicated hosting. Even eCommerce websites that cannot risk facing downtime issues should purchase this hosting, as dedicated hosting is for websites that need to grow and handle heavier traffic.

If your website’s performance has lower down, dedicated hosting will enhance it. It will offer better speed, and your web pages will start loading fast.

Dedicated Hosting Services by MilesWeb

MilesWeb offers several packages under cheapest dedicated server hosting plans. There are more than 10-12 dedicated hosting plans that you can select. As per the need of your website, you can opt for any one of the plans.

Dedicated hosting plans start from $99/m. They all include 100% resources. That means whichever package you go for will provide you with the resources mentioned under it.

MilesWeb is inexpensive as compared to other hosting companies. Although dedicated servers are costly, you can get them at an affordable price at MilesWeb. They don’t only offer low-cost services but also the quality hosting solution.

With MilesWeb, you will get numerous benefits that will help you expand your business. Business expansion is essential for more growth and wealth. Not every hosting provider offers good features, but MilesWeb is among the very few.

Moreover, so many websites experience server downtime even while hosting on dedicated servers. It is crucial to understand whether your host is a quality provider. Otherwise, it leads to issues that affect business growth.

On the other hand, MilesWeb is a hosting company that ensures your website is up at all hours. They guarantee a network uptime of 99.99%, with a service level agreement. If you compare it with other companies, you will realize MilesWeb provides the highest uptime.

MilesWeb also serves its web hosting services Australia, India, US, UK, Canada, and more than 20 countries in the world.


Host Unlimited Websites

No matter how many websites you have, you can host them all on your dedicated servers. If you have websites hosted on shared hosting or VPS, you can move them all here. Plus, you can resell the resources if you want.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Here you can create unlimited email accounts to support your business. That will help you in sending and receiving professional email updates.

SSH Root Access

You get complete root access with MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting. That means you can manage and monitor your bare metal servers anytime required. You can look after your files, domains, sub-domains, etc. and also customize the server as per needs.

Higher Security

You don’t share space or resources here. Your resources are only yours. Because you don’t share, the security level is high. It maintains privacy and offers a better performing website experience.


If you want to expand and flourish your business website, dedicated hosting is a must. It is stronger than other hosting’s like shared hosting and VPS. With dedicated hosting, you will see your website running smoothly and hassle-free. Further, you will not face any security threats that affect traffic and sales.