What Is The Trending Fuzz Around John Crestani & Is He A Scam Artist?

Did the name John Crestani pop up somewhere on the internet? Chances are big it did. This is a person who is very popular at the moment and a person who helped thousands, if not millions of people get rich by working from home and on the internet. See some stats about how many people now work from home here.

A lot of people think what he does is a scam. We’re here to break what he does and see if this is true or not. Follow up and let’s see if you can really get rich listening to his ideas or is he just wasting your time?

Who is John Crestani?

He’s 30 years old and a millionaire. He got rich from an affiliate marketing scheme that made him earn up to 500k every month. When he was 22, he used to work for a company that did amazing because of his efforts. When he asked for a raise and didn’t get it, he quit.

Sometimes in life, it’s important to make such a decision because it opens a door for something more spectacular. That’s what happened to him. No job, and no money, he started working on his own ideas and plans.

Backed-up by a book he read called The 4-hour Workweek, he made a network of affiliate marketing that took off and made him a millionaire. Of course, he didn’t do this overnight. He had plenty of starts and fails but this is what every business does. See more about the book here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_4-Hour_Workweek.

After a few attempts and learning from its own mistakes, John finally made the right moves and now he’s living a life that everyone always dreamed of.

What does he do?

He does affiliate marketing and courses for people to start doing the same thing. His business is based on his ability to sell things which is the essence of making money. If you don’t know what affiliate is, let’s break this one too.

Affiliate marketing is getting a product and selling it on your own. When you do this, you give a cut to the person who was originally selling it elsewhere but didn’t make it by themselves. So, if there’s a product that’s worth $100, you’ll sell it for $110 and you get 10$ for the job.

The good thing here is that you don’t need to go from door to door. If you open eBay or Amazon, you’ll see that lots of these stores are made on the same principle. People get rich by selling things that they don’t own, which is genius in its own way.

On the way, he created a pyramid of sellers that work for him making him do none of the work and take a percent by every sale making him a millionaire. How is this possible? Well, the products you’re charged hundreds of dollars are often made in far-east countries that spend less than a dollar for them.

John manages to get them for a really low price, letting other people also sell them for a lower price than the actual, making everyone rich. Before they get to the end customer, the price is getting higher, but it is still enough for everyone to have their cut.

This method is what he explains today to his listeners. His courses can make you learn how to do this and become also rich to the point where you’ll question yourself what were you doing in that office working for minimum wage all those years?

How to be sure in his methods?

There’s a very simple answer to this question – try it and find out. Of course, nothing comes overnight. First, you’ll need to learn all about this method, then you’ll need to work a lot before you set up a network of people working for you. After this, it’s up to you how you’re going to spend your life – traveling, partying, reading, starting a new business that will just make you happy, it’s your choice.

The most important thing is that nothing is illegal in it. You get paid for a service and you earn money from selling products or services. It’s a completely legal thing and you have nothing to be afraid of.

Where to find some of his best works?

John Crestani is everywhere. He’s so famous that all his accounts on the major social networks have thousands of followers. You can find him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, but probably the best place to see some of his ideas is YouTube.

On the channel there, he offers videos for many different topics explaining how people can get rich with almost no effort. There are also so many articles on the internet talking about the company he runs, called Internet Jetset which is a 6-week affiliate system explaining that will help everyone who wants to deal with this learn how to make the best of the internet and selling.


As you can see from the written above, it’s clear that this person is far from a scam. Everything he does is legal and his company is making millions every year. You can’t make millions over a scam. If it was, people would have reported it right away and he’d be in jail.

The truth is that he’s working on a new level of the affiliate marketing system that allows people to build a network of others around them that will work as one but most of the money will go at the top of the team.

That’s why some like to call this a pyramid scheme which is a kind of fraud, but in this case, no one is lying to anyone. You simply have your own business and you help others do their business too. For this, you get paid a percentage of their work. It’s a simple payment for a service.

So, if you want to take the course and follow the same path as John walked, you shouldn’t be afraid. Do it, and get rich!