Integrating Social Media as a PR Marketing Strategy

You are surely using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other applications on your smartphone or desktop. In fact, this is the smartest way for various personalities, groups, products and services to reach their viewers. It only shows that the widespread use of social media can greatly affect the sales of a company that integrates it in their marketing strategy. Actually, your company surely has a team, who is in-charged with planning, designing, improving and developing a marketing strategy. This team is composed mainly of the marketing specialists, SEO and PR experts.

Actually, it is also possible for one person to work on those expertise, but finding the right one, who is equipped with all the required skills won’t be easy. That’s why it is still best to consult PR firms when your company is looking for an expert, who can help you in your marketing strategy. For example, when you need to promote a campaign about raising your brand awareness, who will do the task? Will you leave it to the marketer alone? This campaign will be more effective, if a PR will help you plan and execute the said campaign.

By the way, the efforts of your PR and the whole team will be wasted or likely not to succeed without integrating social media in your marketing strategy. Remember that social media is an essential to a company or business. It will support, enhance and make your media as well as public relationship strong. Now, if you are not going to associate it in your campaigns or promotions of products and services, then how can you successfully build brand awareness? Now, let’s see how things work when marketing and social media are combined.

Target demographic

If you are going to conduct a research on the target demographic, it is ideal to use social media applications like Facebook and Twitter. It’s because using these platforms are, indeed, the most effective way to achieve honest insights about the interests or likes of your target viewers.

Through these applications, you will be able to learn about the personalities of your viewers. This will later on serve as your basis to shape your strategies and tailor these, so that you can meet the needs and expectations of your target viewers in a more accurate way. Here is a useful reference for further reading on demographics.

Relationships and Influence

Who is not on social media today? I supposed, everyone is busy posting, commenting, sharing and liking every interesting topic online. Well, this is the trend nowadays and it is unstoppable. Even when it comes to decision-making, you check on your social media and check what others have to say. It only shows that it easily influence and attracts the public.

These people online usually have groups or communities. It is where they share facts, information and opinions. Those who have common interests come together and talk about whatever is in the trend or news. When they find your blog post or campaign good, they will support you as a community and as individuals.


After reading a particular post, people will not hesitate to share it online because they find your content reliable and useful. By the way, in this, content marketing was defined.

Who would like to share a content that may not even help you in your daily lifestyle, right? As an individual, who loves sharing posts, they make sure that they do not support trash on their social media accounts because whatever you have on your timeline reflects you. A lot of people out there are not responsible when it comes to sharing, but there are also those who are meticulous and smart.

Anyway, your content can be used as a tool for students, employees and whoever finds it useful. Through sharing, you are also earning visitors – this will then generate traffic to your website. Because of these, your target viewers can later turn out as potential customers. When you have a quality and good content read and seen online, people will know about your reputation. Especially when more people are supporting your campaigns. It will even be easier to manage your reputation, using connections and relationships, since news spreads easily online.